Reading is the key to success

Reading for just 20 minutes a day expands vocabulary, fuels creativity, and improves academic performance. Will you sign the pledge?

The Problem

44% of 4th Graders Can’t Read Fluently

By fourth grade, a child should be reading to learn, not learning to read.

Why is this important? Because if a child doesn’t know how to read by fourth grade, he or she is four times more likely to drop out of high school, or be behind their peers for years to come.

There are critical reading interventions we can put in place to make sure every child has that strong reading foundation to be a success.

Our Solution

This summer our participating families are focused on reading

Effective literacy instruction, early identification of struggling literacy learners, summer reading programs, literacy promoting pre-K and full day kindergarten are just some ways to improve literacy proficiency.

Every Child Reads families commit to standing up for their children’s literacy education by:

  1. pledging to learn about the importance of reading by attending one informational event this summer,
  2. sharing what you learned about reading with others, and
  3. reading 20 minutes every day with your child.

Reading is not only beneficial for brain development, but it also allows you and your children to discover new worlds, meet interesting characters, and learn about things you’ve always been curious about. Join our community now to participate in this engaging summer program.

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